Conditions of registration

Registration forms are submitted to the teachers who decide on participants. Once accepted, the trainee receives a confirmation letter with the detail of his fees, and pay the total amount owed before July 15th by bank transfer. In cas of cancellation by the trainee, registration fees (50€) are still to be paid. In case of cancellation by the trainee less than 2 weeks before the Academy, the full fees are to be paid. Special situations (sickness, unpredictable event…) will be souverainely study by the Direction of Musique à Flaine.

Selected ensembles receive a scholarship as well as some solo trainee, upon request and consultation of the Direction of Musique à Flaine.

During the training course period, Musique à Flaine rents without profit, housing furnished for the interested trainees, who pay to the association a compensation fixed according to prices indicated on the registration form. The trainee makes a commitment to behave respectfully in the accommodation provided, to enjoy it peacefully without causing of nuisance to third parties, with maintaining it in good condition of maintenance and cleanliness, with respecting the rules of occupation brought to his/her knowledge by Musique à Flaine, the owner, his employee or his representative. If the owner of the accommodation or any third party came to try to engage Musique à Flaine’s responsibility in connection with attributable facts to the trainee occupying the accommodation, the latter makes a commitment to hold the quits and unhurt the association of the consequences of this complaint. Each student will be asked to leave a pledge for the rent of housing when they arrive in Flaine. They can either give a credit card number or a cash deposit, which will be restored to them within a month after departure.

Musique à Flaine disclaims all liability regarding thefts, losses, destructions or various damages relative to musical instruments and to personal effects of the trainees which stay under their responsibility. The trainees will deal personally with the subscription in an insurance covering these risks.

Trainees commit to behave respectfully and in an appropriate way during their all stay in Flaine.

By the present registration, each participant in the Academy and Festival authorizes the association Musique à Flaine to record, communicate and dispose of any photos and videos captured by them during this period, and in particular the concerts. The trainee thus acknowledges knowing and accepting in particular the existence of a facebook account (@MusiqueaFlaine), a website ( as well as a Youtube channel (Musique à Flaine), on which the photos/videos are posted at the discretion of Musique à Flaine.

Musique à Flaine is the owner of all videos and photos produced by it. Any third party use must be preceded by the agreement of the Bureau of the Association and must mention Musique à Flaine, the author, and the date. Any commercial use is prohibited.