"A highlight of musical sharing. Chamber music is the heart of the project . We are in a sort of research laboratory."
Yovan Markovitch, cellist - Chamber music faculty


Next festival will take place from August 17th to August 30th 2024.


Photo de Luc-Marie AGUERA

Luc-Marie AGUERA

Chamber music
Photo de Noémie BIALOBRODA


Chamber music
Photo de Peter BRUNS


Photo de Till FELLNER


Photo de Yovan MARKOVITCH


Chamber music
Photo de Christophe POIGET

Christophe POIGET

Photo de Pauline SACHSE

Pauline SACHSE

Photo de Guillaume SUTRE

Guillaume SUTRE



Photo de Catherine DELEPELAIRE


Photo de David AYACHE


Photo de Stéphane BOUSSUGE


Piano tuner
Photo de Fabrice COCCITTO


Piano accompanist
Photo de Pierre GRUNBERGER


Bow maker
Photo de Flore MERLIN


Piano accompanist
Photo de Maud MONTILLON


Production officer
Photo de Isabelle NYSSEN

Isabelle NYSSEN

Shiatsu practitioner
Photo de Matthieu RONDEAU

Matthieu RONDEAU

Sound engineer

The Academy

Musique à Flaine is a summer academy for young pre-professional musicians, soloists or chamber music groups, who are interested in working with great masters.

Approximately 90 students attend each academy. Each instrumentalist receives five x 45-to 60-minutes lessons during their stay at the academy. Chamber music ensembles have classes almost every day.

Accompanying pianists are available throughout the entire academy during lessons, rehearsals and recitals. Solo instrumentalists can also take part in chamber music sessions with other participants if they wish, and each group receives lessons.

Musique à Flaine makes approximately one hundred practice studios and 25 pianos available to the trainees in buildings that are separate from the accommodation.

Free concerts are arranged throughout the academy. Chamber music and solo instrumental recitals take place at the end of the academy. All performances are recorded and trainees receive an audio link to their performances. Upon the artistic direction discretion, some of the concerts videos are published on the Youtube Channel of the festival.

Luthiers and bow-makers, as well as piano tuners work in Flaine during the entire academy session. Piano harmonisation and luthier workshops will be scheduled during the session.

Do-in sessions are held every morning, and each trainee may book an individual shiatsu appointment.

Travel, housing and meals

1 Bus transfer to and from Flaine is available on arrival and departure days (no charge but reservation required – limited seats available). These run to and from Bellegarde sur Valserine train station. Don’t forget to book your seat on the registration form. The cellists will automatically benefit a complementary seat for their instrument.

All trainees have comfortable accommodations near their lessons. It is possible to book an entire flat for a family, but only if there are big enough flats available after the students booking. Each flat has a kitchen; bedding is provided. Trainees who wish to do so may share accommodation costs with roommates. Underage (-18 years old) trainees must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Lunch are offered by Musique à Flaine daily for all participants at the restaurant La Perdrix Noire. Trainees provide their own breakfast and evening meal (there are kitchens in the apartments; supermarkets in the resort).

Summer Academy 2024

Saturday August 17 (Flaine Auditorium)

  • 2pm : shuttle departure from Bellegarde sur Valserine
  • 4:30-6 pm : participants registration at the auditorium
  • 6.45pm : chamber music meeting for solo instrumentalists wishing to play with other trainees and participate to the chamber music class
  • 7:30 : information meeting for everyone
  • 8pm : welcome buffet

From August 18 to 28 :

  • classes (5 lessons/solo instrumentalist, classes almost every day for chamber music ensembles)
  • 10 concerts on evenings
  • recording of the concerts in the Auditorium
  • instrument and bow makers workshops
  • lecture
  • shiatsu and do-in sessions
  • for practicing : 25 pianos, 100 working studios available and 2 piano accompanists

From August 28 to 29 :

  • solists and chamber music classes auditions
  • goodbye buffet

Friday August 30 :

  • 9am : shuttle departure (arrival around 10:45 depending traffic)


Fees & Scholarships 2024


  • Free application
  • 50€ registration fees (Only due after the confirmation of selection and registration, expected in June)
  • 550€ pedagogical fees for solo instrumentists (chamber music lessons + lunches included)
  • housing fees : 200€ per trainee on the basis of a shared bedroom in a shared  appartment (individual bedroom extra / individual appartment depending availability : 400€ studio / 600€ 1 bedroom + 1 livingroom / 800-900€ 2 bedrooms + living rooms). 

Musique à Flaine grants every musician part of a selected chamber music ensemble a full scholarships, meaning they do not pay the pedagogical and housing fees (on the basis of a shared appartement by group). Musique à Flaine also grants honor and social scholarships to solo instrumentalists on request on their application form below (motivation letter explaining the reasons mandatory).




Application form (registrations open from March 15th to May 15th)

You should receive a confirmation e-mail if your application form has been sent properly. If not : we did not receive your application so please do it again.

For ENSEMBLE registrations, please fill one form per member of the ensemble applying to the Academy.

The video’s choice is at your convenience, but it should be respecting your real current level and the category of the application (solo for a solo application / in ensemble for a ensemble application). For ensemble, we recommend (not mandatory) 20 minutes total with pieces of different styles (not necessary to have a full piece).

*mandatory fields

Registrations are closed for now.