"A beautiful synergy between people, this academy is like a precious gemstone that each year sparkles in a different way."
Christophe Poiget, violinist - Violin professor

Musique à Flaine

About Flaine

Flaine is a high-altitude ski resort located in Haute Savoie in the French Alps, between Geneva (1h15 away) and the Mont Blanc. It offers unique surroundings: an exceptional mountainous location, an auditorium, and numerous task-specific workspaces.

An academy

Musique à Flaine is a top-level music academy that focuses on chamber music and solo instrumentalists. It is for highly skilled young musicians who would like to work with experienced artists to enhance their musical prowess. Some of the chamber music and instrumentalist training sessions prepare applicants for international competitions.


Musique à Flaine is the brainchild of professors and other individuals involved in a project called "Bains de Musique" who were interested in forming a quality chamber music academy for accomplished musicians. The Academy welcomes approximately ninety experienced chamber and solo musicians in each session.

With concerts

Musique à Flaine presents two yearly concerts: one with professors and Academy participants, held in August and a second one featuring artists-in-residence in March. The Academy is based on the Marlboro Music process, meaning the musicians work collaboratively during intense training sessions, and we organise numerous concerts during which the professors, as well as certain experienced students, share the stage.


Auditorium Eric et Sylvie Boissonnas de Flaine

Grâce à la volonté des fondateurs de Flaine passionnés de musique et d’art moderne dont il porte le nom, l’auditorium Éric et Sylvie Boissonnas de Flaine a été construit par Marcel Breuer et associés et inauguré en 1986. L’auditorium se situe au niveau de Flaine Forêt. Un ascenseur incliné permet d’y accéder de Flaine Forum. Sa forme extérieure rappelle celle d’un piano à queue et ses vitres reflètent la montagne. Dans son hall d’entrée, une impressionnante fontaine sculpture de 25 boules d’acier animées par l’eau de Pol Bury se joue de la lumière, surplombée par le diptyque Jaune Secret III de Monique Frydman. Cet auditorium de 500 places est très confortable et son acoustique est exceptionnelle. Il offre des conditions idéales pour les musiciens et le public.

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A message from the President of the Academy

Conveying cultural know-how is important to me. Musique à Flaine provides privileged circumstances that favor musical synergy and experimentation in magnificent surroundings. It brings me great joy to bring exceptional musicians and pedagogues together with young instrumentalists in a mountainous place so conducive to concentration and freedom. I enjoy bringing different generations and skill sets together, offering each participant the chance to develop and collaborate. My team and I are devoted to providing the best possible experience. The key rapport between professors and students at the academy is enhanced by the on-going presence of piano accompanists, luthiers, bow-makers, tuners, sound engineers, and a shiatsu practitioner… The auditorium is an extraordinary work tool that allows us to offer high quality concerts and to do recordings under excellent conditions.

Catherine Delepelaire