Summer Academy 2023

Saturday August 12 (Flaine Auditorium)

  • 4:30pm : participants registration
  • 7.15pm : information meeting for all musicians
  • 8pm : welcome buffet

Sunday August 13 (Flaine Auditorium)

  • 9am : chamber music meeting for solo instrumentalists wishing to play with other trainees and participate to the chamber music class

From August 13 to 22 :

  • classes (5 lessons/solo instrumentalist, classes almost every day for chamber music ensembles)
  • recording of the concerts in the Auditorium (and sending a private link to the video)
  • instrument makers workshops
  • shiatsu and do-in sessions
  • for personal work (25 pianos, 100 working studios available and 2 piano accompanists)

From August 23 to 24 :

  • solists and chamber music classes auditions
  • goodbye buffet

Friday August 25 :

  • 9am : participants departure (arrival around 10h45 depending traffic)


Fees & Scholarships 2023

Only due after the confirmation of selection and registration (expected in June) :

  • 50€ registration fees
  • 550€ solo instrumentists (chamber music lessons + lunches included)
  • housing fees (shared by the number of trainee flatmates) :
    • 370€ for a studio
    • 500€ for a 2 rooms appartment (1 livingroom + 1 bedroom)
    • 630€ for a 3 rooms appartment (1 livingroom + 2 bedrooms)

Trainees under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Musique à Flaine grants a scholarships to chamber music ensembles, as well as for some solo instrumentalists on request and after consultation.

Download the 2023 brochure in pdf

Application form (registrations open from March 15th to May 15th 2023)

For ENSEMBLE registrations, please fill one form per member of the ensemble applying to the Academy.

Musique à Flaine organize a free shuttle between Bellegarde sur Valserine train station and the station of Flaine for the trainees the first and last day of the Academy. It is imperative to register for this shuttle in the form below if you wish to book a seat (the number of seats is limited). The cellists will automatically benefit a complementary seat for their instrument.

*mandatory fields

(with the country indicator, ex : +33 for France)

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no wetransfer/time limited link. Prefer a private link from Youtube

Scholarships will be granted in priority to trainees participating to the Academy without absences. Any request of leave should be submitted to Musique à Flaine before the application for the Academy, and motivated by a professionnal reason.

(included in the academy fees)

In case of leave of absence, chamber music participation may not be possible

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Precise the reasons of your scholarship request (artistic criteras, social criterias, exceptionnal personnal difficulties etc)

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