Luc-Marie AGUERA
Abdel Rahman EL BACHA
Christophe POIGET
Pauline SACHSE
Musique à Flaine 
is a music academy of high quality centered on chamber music 
and instrumental work. 
This year, the following professors will teach:
Chamber music : 
Luc-Marie AGUERA, chamber music professor for the concertist cycle (string quartett class) at the CRR de Paris, violonist of the Quatuor Ysaÿe (1985-2014).
Yovan MARKOVITCH, chamber music professor at the CNSMD de Lyon, cellist of the Quatuor Ysaÿe (2005-2014).
Chamber music assistant : 
Marie CHILEMME, violist of Cavatine Quartett, chamber music musician, viola teacher Paris 12 conservatory.
Violin : 
Andrej BIELOW, professor at the University of Arts of Graz.
Christophe POIGET, professor at the CRR de Boulogne-Billancourt and professor assistant at the CNSMD de Paris.
Viola : 
Pauline SACHSE, professor at the Musikhochschule Dresden.
Cello :
Peter BRUNS, professor at the Musikhochschule Leipzig.
Piano : 
Abdel Rahman EL BACHA, International concert pianiste, has tought 10 years at the Reine Elisabeth Royal Chapel

Musique à Flaine is directed by Catherine Delepelaire, who succeeded to Henriette de Vitry. It is supported by the Scaler Foundation, the Clarence Westbury Foundation, the Search Foundation, the association Échanges & Bibliothèques, the Office de tourisme de Flaine, the Centre culturel de Flaine, the Syndicat intercommunal de Flaine and the Association flainoise.
Summer 2017
19th - September 1st
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